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An exclusive fabric, natural and functional.

Reverse&more exclusive natural fabric and treatment is ideal for easy maintance. All products are able to wiped clean, machine wash, water resisent. Practical, hygienic, and fun the linen coated fabric leaves you with a sensation of simplicity and natural, due to the traditional wooven textile.

The line of accessories can be used in many ways, on the table, in the bathroom, in the closet, organizing has never been so versatile, color, shape, function, is up to you to decide where you need some color or function in your home, office, spa, fitness, restaurant, hotel, travel, and lifestyle.


The essence of natural linen.

Reverse&more products are made of natural linen. The characteristics of the linen fabric make each product durable and robust keeping there shape. The folds of the baskets can be adjusted and modified according to your needs.

The wax coating treatment makes Reverse&more products easy to maintain, practical and versatile. To touch the fabric is natural and rustic, but becomes contemporary with its practical treatment making it water resisent and skidproof.

Italian craftmanship

Reverse&more is made in Italy. The tradition behind the craftmanship and detail is what one would expect from an Italian manufacturer. The trimmings of the products are natural and high quality, a guarantee of long usage, and practicality.

The fabric colors and the wax treatment are natural, antiallergic and non-toxic.